Skyler Thiot is a designer based in dallas, texas, usa. his design philosophy is clear: form and function are one.


Miguel Solis is a Dallas ISD board trustee that is currently running for mayor of Dallas. We worked together to create a campaign brand that highlighted his youth, Mexican heritage and his dynamic personality. Our logo stands out in a crowded field of competitors.


I worked with Downtown Dallas, Inc to design the maps that are displayed in 75 kiosks around Downtown. The maps have received acclaim for their simplicity in presenting the city and helping using visual landmarks for directions.


When my friend Miguel’s daughter was born with a heart defect that required a heart transplant the community rallied around his family. Within 6 months, a heart became available and Olivia was able to get a new lease on life. I wrote and designed the book with the help of Miguel and his wife. The book has sold thousands of copies and has raised $15,000+ for our Children’s hospital.


A series of jerseys I’ve designed on spec for various NBA teams for The Flagrant Ones. The series has garnered 40,000 unique interactions from twitter.


While working at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners I had the opportunity to design the Bag of Bones lock-up that ended up being used for the Cheetos Halloween promotion.


I was commissioned by the Dallas Mavericks to create covers for the podcasts in their podcast network.

10 tech app spec rebandings.